Program Details

Can you imagine burning 600 calories in just one class? Well! Zumba is the name of this awestruck activity. Zumba is eventually a whole world of dance and exercises collaborated in a most beautiful blend.

Here you will get flavors of dance forms and exercise like soca, salsa, hip hop, squats, lunges, samba, mambo and merengue collaborated in amazing choreography. Moreover there will be zestful music that will automatically make you groove on the beats. Furthermore the lively music of Zumba is certainly derived from discrete dance forms such as samba, soca, axe music, tango and many more. Apart from this, it targets on your complete amusement and fitness goals. Also, there are special classes for various age groups like for old people and beginners etc.Consequently, a single class will make you feel energetic from inside and wanting for more.